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2017 Biobío International Energy Congress

Latin America is a young region, where Brazil, Peru and Chile are the most attractive countries for investment in electrical projects and developments. In addition, energy security is a worrying issue which could be resolved with energy integration models, like the hydro-electrical mega-plants like the ones Belo Monte have been developing. On the other hand, the NCRE has begun to be shown as an increasingly more valid option. It is expected that these cover up to 15% of Latin America’s demand in the next ten years, with wind being the type of energy with greatest possibility of growth in Uruguay and Chile. Fourteen delegations confirmed among businessmen, academics and policymakers countries.



Why go?

Energy Status and Situation: Chile’s new energy agenda marks a key period in which the future of the country’s energy matrix and new rules for the game will be decided, opening up great opportunities for investments in the sector. Key terms: Energy Efficiency, LNG, Thermo-electricity, transmission, distribution, NCRE.
Surrounding Development of Energy: The challenges of financing have made it necessary to identify the players and the new trends in order to take advantage of the liquidity of global investors. Key terms: multilateral agencies, banks and investment funds, M&A, capitals market, Public Financing Tools.
Environment and Communities: The new trends of the industry, through a complete analysis of how to incorporate early the opinion of the communities and take care of the social and environmental sustainability of the projects. Key terms: NCRE, energy efficiency, Foundations, Communities, Indigenous Peoples.
The thermo-electrical and NCRE projects that are coming: Billions of dollars will be invested in electricity generation in Latin America. In the plans, thermo-electrical projects stand out, especially natural gas and NCRE. Key terms: LNG, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy.
R+D+i and Energy Efficiency: Researchers from prestigious National and Foreign universities will present the latest in technological developments related with Energy Efficiency and NCRE. Key terms: sustainable habitat, biomaterials, photovoltaic cells, LED, generators.
Networking and brand positioning: The opportunities for networking can be taken advantage of by directly sharing time with decision makers and the most important players of the industry. In addition, as a sponsor, your brand will be present from the marketing campaign onwards, until the event itself.